St. Lucia's Bissette Jumps to the Professional Circuit

Julian Bissette,  one of St. Lucia’s and the ECVA’s top players, is now counting his many blessings after landing a one year contract to play professional volleyball in Greece.

Bissette joined Club Ment that will be playing in the A1 division in Greece for the first time.

“It is still preseason and we are currently training to prepare for our first game on 3rd October “he told the ECVA press officer.

The A1 division has some twelve (12) teams including legendary names like Olympiakos and Pannakanikos.

The road to the professional circuit had a several contractors “My opportunity came to me due to coach Joao Carlos de Campos who contacted an agent name Gean Assis de Souza whom he knew and that agent got in contact with another agent name Mike Aidonidis in Greece.  These 3 individuals are the link between me and this club. I then got in contact with the club’s coach Spyros Gkolitsis and we came to an agreement that I will provide my services to the club as a player for approximately one  year - from August  15th 2014  until May 15th 2015,” he reported.

Standing at 6 feet  6 inches Bissette plays the Middle blocker /opposite position  and has great jumping ability. In fact Bissette also intimated that apart from the Club’s Coach,  that the President and Vice President were also impressed with his jumping ability.

When asked about how he is feeling Bissette responded in this way:-

“I am happy yet amazed that this is happening for me. I still haven’t grasped the reality of it all as yet. However,  I’m looking forward to a great season with this club and hopefully in the future”.

The 23 year old Bissette,  was voted as the Best Scorer (Opposite) in Norceca World Championship Qualification Tournament in 2014..

The MENT’s training squad comprises 16 players three of whom are not from Greece -one American, one Englishman alongside Bissette. He is definitely hoping that he makes it in the roster of 12 on a regular basis when the competition starts in earnest.


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